Paladin for the Win

This is my moment. DnD has never been so sweet in victory. Finally I accept my new role as nerd and fully engage.


To Game or Not To Game

I am a novice nerd. I like borderline mainstream "nerdy" things. Super hero movies, sci-fi books, sci-fi anything really, star wars, star trek, etc. Gaming has never been my passion. I'm not even sure I have a clear cut passion but that's a different post. Boyfriend, however, is a non-stop gamer. Video games, mobile games,... Continue Reading →

Can Tom Cruise Retire Already?

First and foremost I should be upfront about my total unabashed hatred for Tom Cruise. He has a stupid looking face and is legit crazy. Normally I boycott all things Cruise, but I'm a damn good girlfriend. When Boyfriend wants to see a movie, I go see that movie. He had to pay though because... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman – Left Wondering

I love superhero movies. Can't get enough of them. Never read a comic in my life...aside from Archie comics which I've been told doesn't count. I'm a self described feminist and strive to uplift women wherever I can. This movie was a solid B+.   SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS          ... Continue Reading →

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