Wonder Woman – Left Wondering

I love superhero movies. Can’t get enough of them. Never read a comic in my life…aside from Archie comics which I’ve been told doesn’t count. I’m a self described feminist and strive to uplift women wherever I can. This movie was a solid B+.










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Okay if you’re sure.


Wonder Woman inspired less than wonder in me. Some scenes were down right incredible but overall I was left with a pretty “meh” feeling. I’m so excited this was a woman led superhero movie directed by a woman but I thought they could’ve done more.

When the Amazons stormed the beach to fight the Germans my heart swelled with awe. They were out numbered and seriously behind the times weapon-wise, but they kicked SERIOUS ass. Without any caution or hesitation they fought while their horses were knocked out from under them, while their sisters and friends were slain. When confusion was cause to panic they were calm and steadfast. Watching them fight was so inspirational and moving for me as a woman. And honestly it all went downhill from there.

I was appreciative that the new clothes montage was short and to the point, funny and cheeky but not overblown like so many other movies. I enjoyed the sexual banter about reproduction vs pleasures of the flesh and what it means to hold hands. I enjoyed the sexual tension even with Chris Pine. But once again a female fighter was inundated with a romantic story line. It was different than most in that Chris did not survive the movie but it was love that charged her powers and will to fight for humanity.

There was a moment when she looked at the other members of her team as they shared a final handshake before their expected death, to me, that was the moment! Comrades in arms. Wonder Woman is a warrior brought up in a society of warriors. It should have been the loss of a battle buddy and the imminent demise of her team that fueled her fight. Not some second rate sexual tension relationship. I don’t fault her for sleeping with Chris Pine…she was on an island of women…enjoy the fruits of men! But why did it have to be a Love thing. Why couldn’t they have a night of passion in the middle of a war, the eve of a suicide mission. Why must men and women always have to be in relationships. Why can they not be friends, why can the loss of a friend not be enough to thrust her into a powerful fight!

Talk to any war vet and they will say that watching their brothers and sisters die in war was powerful. Horrible and powerful. They don’t have to be in a sexual relationship to feel the connection. Those are their comrades! Those are their brothers and sisters! A movie about female empowerment should have excluded sexual relationships. We are more than sex. We are more than love. We are fighters. We are fierce and loyal. We can be comrades, that can be enough.

This was a great step forward and I will cherish all that it does for female led movies as well as female directors, but I hope to see more done in the future.


Also, what was with Ares’s so very British face?! He should’ve transformed into a Greek looking god, not keep the same British mustache and face through the entire time. I love that actor but he was not fit for Ares’s full form. It was odd and disappointing.


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