Pokemon is Dead (Should be Dead)

The craze that consumed the world for the better part of the nineties is still alive and well with those that held it in such high regard. For the rest of us it is a never ending battle of boredom. As you can tell I am not a fan of Pokemon. I never was and I never will be. It’s a matter of principle at this point. I hated it in elementary school and I am indifferent to it now. The tall drink of water that is my boyfriend, however, has a much different opinion and has begun a war on mine.

To be fair, my opinion is mostly based on a hipster style anti-nostalgic argument. I hated it because it was popular, I wanted to be different – nay – better than my peers at the ripe young age of 7. And I was. I read books and discussed politics, properly regurgitated misunderstood “facts” I overheard from my parents and snippets from the TV. I was advanced. I was superior. And I did not play silly childish games. As a result of that misguided superiority complex – that I promise I grew out of – I still just don’t care about Pokemon.

In an effort to change my opinion Boyfriend got me to fall for a cute little stuffed version of Evee. I do think the little animal is adorable. I do not care what her abilities or evolution’s are. I do not care about how to fight her. I do not care about anything other than her adorable little facade.

Part of the reason I fell for Boyfriend was because of his nerdy passion. It’s a pretty easy fact to prove that passion is beautiful and inspiring. Watching someone’s face light up about something even as simple as a video game is endearing. (He would argue that video games are anything but simple.) Listening to him explain with such enthusiasm is one of the more adorable things I’ve witnessed – and I’m a serious watcher of all things puppy and baby animal so that’s a pretty serious statement. But when he talks about Pokemon I just can’t even.

I zone out. It’s not even a conscious action. Boyfriend: “Pokemon” Me: “zzzzzzzzz” Honestly, he could probably rename it and change the names of the characters a bit and I would actually listen. Wait, I shouldn’t have said that.

Boyfriend, don’t try that! (I’ll be expecting it!) 

And now I hear there is a new Pokemon game coming out for the Switch….goodbye Friday and Saturday nights! On the plus that gives me more time to write short stories. Or apply to jobs. Thinking of my to do list I can understand the draw to escape into games. But sadly, my passions lie elsewhere. Boyfriend has gotten me hooked on one game though….Animal Crossing. Talk about juvenile games, sheesh, the young me would be so disappointed.

My life’s quest to see the end of Pokemon will never come to fruition but I am stubborn enough not to let Boyfriend win this argument. Pokemon is dead, at least for me! Nerdy item number 2 of 984576234 – dead end! He shall not pass! (I’m gonna get a lot of flack for that joke without having seen LotR.)



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