To Game or Not To Game

I am a novice nerd. I like borderline mainstream “nerdy” things. Super hero movies, sci-fi books, sci-fi anything really, star wars, star trek, etc. Gaming has never been my passion. I’m not even sure I have a clear cut passion but that’s a different post. Boyfriend, however, is a non-stop gamer. Video games, mobile games, board games, RPGs, and table top games are all in his wheel house. To say that some times I get a little overwhelmed is an understatement. There are new games every day! New DnD campaigns. New video games. New mobile games. New table top games. New card games, or at least new packages or decks. I have been pushed into a world that I barely understand in a constant state of flux.

I try to keep up. I listen to Boyfriend explain the differences and intricacies of each game. I watch his excited face as he describes the new cards or models. I try to remember that war-hammer is different than honestly i don’t even remember another table top game. But I know they exist and I know they’re different. Even though they all look the same to me. Boyfriend thinks I zone out during these conversations and I’m not actually paying attention. He’s only 50% right. Every time he starts in on this stuff I genuinely try to keep up. But my brain gets confused and starts thinking of other things…like how cute the cat is and how much I want a bearded dragon.

I care about Boyfriend and his many games but seriously? How am I supposed to keep up?!? I am neck deep in a sea of games that are all basically the same thing. And now there are movies and shows about games. It’s just too much some times. He’s trying to get me into some games but so far…I just don’t think it’s my thing. Animal Crossing was fun but I don’t really care to check in on my town. What’s my motivation?! Don’t even get me started on table top gaming. How can the game be fun with so much measuring? The models are cool but I just don’t get the actual game play.

We looked through various decks of Vanguard cards to find me a deck to play. Based on name I picked Flower Musketeers but the art wasn’t impressive. After some hunting we settled on Great Nature which I was told is a crappy deck. I found the pencil knight hamster irresistibly adorable though. I’m a sucker for all things cute and furry. Still have no idea what the actual game is about though. We also watched a trailer for a video game on sloths battling for pizza? Something about sloths and pizza. I love pizza and sloths are my spirit animal, so yeah I’m sold. Maybe this will turn me around on games but I envision myself getting bored and moving on fairly quickly.

I’m pretty sure I will always be more of a movie and TV nerd than a gaming nerd. But I will forever be tied to Boyfriend’s love of games and trying to understand all the nuances of every game he plays. I hope he still loves me when my eyes glaze over!


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